28 – 30 June

Βeau Rivage

ArtTEENS is an autonomous creative community of teenage artists, which this year will present works on the general theme of Festivart,

At the same time, in collaboration with the art school, LAB2ART, works made by teenagers [14-19 years old] will be on display, created during the year in the school's Painting, Drawing, Ceramics and Sculpture departments.

As part of ArtTEENS, an artistic printing workshop, a concert, an open discussion on the concept of *BELIEF and their art exhibition will take place.


DUNCAN dance school in collaboration with Festivart, will present three performance works in the framework of FestivArt // ArtTEENS, on Friday 28 June at 21:30 at Beau Rivage.

The curators and choreographers will be Karolina Theleriti and Despina Kyriakidis, while the artists participating will be: Maria Karagiorga, Louisa Papagiannopoulou and Sofia Soufrila. The works will be presented at the opening of the ArtTEENS exhibition inside the Beau Rivage exhibition space and will be based on the Festivart theme: *Belief.


The Print Lab is back at Festivart!

Talented, young artists exhibiting at Festivart // ArtTEENS, design printmaking works, which they will print on any surface you choose!

Bring your shirt or hat, even the Backpack you love and make it unique by choosing from 20 different and original artworks!

Saturday 29/6/24     20:00 – 23:00

ArtTEENS Exhibition @ Beau Rivage.

Cost 8,00 € / print


An experiential workshop for teenagers.

Psychodrama (such as Sociodrama) was initiated by J.L. Moreno and it comprises a way of studying that can lead in a deeper understanding of human relationships, of One's Self, of Others and of the systems-dynamics that shape our lives on a personal level and socially.

In the workshop, having with us the Visual Arts, as well as the theme of Festivart *BELIEF, we will approach creatively emerging concerns, in an atmosphere of intimacy, trust and celebration, aiming at an extroverted improvised happening!

Coordinated by:

DIMITRIS KARAGIORGAS  Psychiatrist c&a - Psychotherapist

Zoi Pirini  Visual Artist

SUNDAY 30 JUNE,  15:00 – 20:00  Beau Rivage


Registration required  – Τ. 2744060197.

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ΙΒΑΝ: GR87 0172 5230 0055 2308 8002 858

Piraeus Bank

Beneficiary: Friends of Art association (Syllogos Filon ths Texnhs)

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