What is real?

We know that a belief is the certainty, the faith, the opinion, the feeling that we ourselves have that the things we believe are right and really true, if not the only true thing. Something that is capable of submitting our judgment, of positively energizing us, or of blinding us in the face of injustice.

Its absence also creates a very large void that we may well take to be a void of meaning.

Beliefs may change, but at the same time they keep intact all the psychic mechanism that supports them, and we actually have simple transpositions and renamings.

Does this need for belief and certainty exist after all; or is this question just rhetoric?

In the face of a reversal, in a revelatory moment of truth, are we capable, through thoughts of a diagnostic nature and quests, of uprooting a large part of our beliefs?

Can we embrace beliefs of others? Even strangers?

Beliefs seem to be the delicate foundations of social structures, which often need to be protected, even by dissenters or sceptics, in order to avoid a possible collapse, even when no other secure structure, no other possibility, is proposed or does not exist. Such as, for example, the position of the mother in V. Woolf's "To the Lighthouse".

It is typical in multicultural societies such as the one we experience that members of different communities using more or less the same language, at least in their dealings, constantly produce more and more meanings for the same concepts.

Bakhtin reminds us that, in revolutionary situations, common words take on contrasting meanings. Ultimately, there are no "neutral" words, but also symbolisms, nods and gestures.

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