MAIN Exhibition

12-21 July

FestivArt in collaboration with the FOCUS School in Athens, the Steneby school of crafts in Sweden, Μ.A.M.A. Contemporary with the Department of Fine Arts of the Cyprus University of Technology and LAB2ART, presents in July at Loutraki, the exhibition *BELIEF.


What is real?

We know that a belief is the certainty, the faith, the opinion, the conviction, that we ourselves have, that what we believe is the right thing and is really, absolutely, that it is true, if not the only true thing. Something that is capable of submitting our judgment, of positively energizing us, or of blinding us in the face of injustice.

Its absence can create a very large void that we may well take to be a void of meaning. I wonder if we can embrace the beliefs of others? Even strangers? What can change our beliefs? If they do eventually change, does the mental mechanism that supports them remain constant? Does this need for belief and certainty ultimately exist; or is this question simply rhetorical?

Young, contemporary artists explore the world of beliefs through art.

Curators: Takis Zerdevas, Konstantinos Economou, Zoi Pirini, Makis Faros, Youla Hadjigeorgiou, Souzana Anastasi.

Participating artists :

Maj Emerath

Alice Lidén

Sigrid Jansson

Amanda Lundh

Thalia Galanopoulou

Dimitris Rapakousis

Yannis Stephanidis

Angelos Christofilopoulos

Christina Valis

Mari Masouridou

Angeliki Kalamara

Alexandros Gazis

Andromachi Mavrou

Yannis Filiandras

Terpsi Varytimiadis

Fotini Gouma

Vasso Paraschis

Kostas Lennis

Ifigenia Pefani

Christos Loizou

Rebecca Takis

Michael Skarparis

Elli Kontou

Katerina Demetriou

Ifigenia Loizidou

Nikos Kouloxheras

Eirini Angelidi

Dimitris Sidirokastritis

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