july, 2023

sat22jul17:3022:00ΙΑΜΑΤΙΚΗ ΠΕΡΙΗΓΗΣΗWORKSHOP17:30 - 22:00 Κτίριο Ιαματικών Πηγών / Healing Spring Building

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The 750 Mineral Springs of Greece (Revisited)

A 1938 book publication by Nikolaos Lekkas titled “The 750 Mineral Springs of Greece” shows how the scientific analysis of mineral springs, rocks, and soil in Greece led to a new understanding of the country’s resources: its airs, waters and places. This project revisits this network of places, examining the current state natural resources and their infrastructures.

The wealth of mineral springs conveyed in the book presents an extraordinary imaginary of Greece: a geography centered around a healing network. Today however, a large number of them has been greatly impacted due to man-made activities: building, infrastructure works, state, municipal and private negligence. Ultimately, through research and documentation of this healing network the goal of the project is to raise awareness on the impact, evolution and potential futures of natural resources in Greece centered around the care of the body. Through photography, interviews, drawings, sampling, the project aims to culminate in an exhibition and publication.

Revisited, by Friends

In the framework of this research, I am organizing a series of actions: The goal of these meetings, and by paying close attention to the existing conditions, the project asks how do we take care of buildings and sites that are built to take care?

This will take the form of a series of situations of bodies and waters that will involve the AiR community. The situations in various sites (Kammena Vourla, Souvala, Loutraki) will involve:

-a temporary installation designed by myself that is an essential bathing kit: a space to sit, shade, a changing room, and drinking water.- a bathing tour in a thermal spring site.- an action of drinking healing water (where applicable) – a discussion with all participants on the state and future of the resources and their infrastructures.



Revisiting the mineral springs infrastructures of Loutraki

Uniquely located between the sea and the dense with pine trees Gerania Mountains to the north. Therme, as it was called in the antiquity, was known for its thermal springs; the myth goes that it was the preferred location for the Olympian gods. Xenophon, writes that after the battles, the Spartan soldiers would retreat to Loutraki and use its thermal water. With its healing thermal springs and benefiting from the cool winds of the mountain and the sea air Loutraki was an ideal site for development as an international resort town. The geologic features of the area produce waters extremely beneficial. Rich in sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and radon the waters aid digestion, kidney stones and other gastroenterological ailments as muscular ones such as sciatica.

However, until the end of the 19th century only a few patients from nearby villages would visit the thermal springs: there was little infrastructure for hydrotherapy and accommodation. After the devastating earthquake in 1928, Loutraki centered its identity around its healing water through the making of various works, buildings, landscapes and water infrastractures.

What is the state of these resources and their significance for Loutraki today?

Proposed Program


walking and swim tour conducted by Lydia Xynogala /friends of the 750 Mineral Springs of Greece. We will walk, drink and bathe around key sites of Thermalism. Krini, Parko Eirinis, Old Baths, Ktirio Pigis.

Temporary Installation by ALOS


Workshop with Loutraki teenagers conducted by Miltos Papadimitropoulos, Zoi Pirini, Lydia Xynogala on questions of body acceptance, natural resources and public space in Loutraki.

8.30-9.00p. Reading by Dimitris Theodoropoulos (Hiboux Architecture/ Erands)



(Saturday) 17:30 - 22:00


Κτίριο Ιαματικών Πηγών / Healing Spring Building

Epar.Od. Loutrakiou - Mpisias 60, Loutraki 203 00